Unshakeable Trust, Joyce Meyer

Unshakeable Trust, Joyce Meyer

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Is there anywhere you don’t trust God?

Whether it’s in home life, work life, social life, leisure time, or at the Church doors, there is somewhere some places we seem happy to leave God. Places where we try and maintain independence, and feel we don’t need God.

But that is not the answer; it’s not the way to live to the full.

Mixing stories from her own experience with inspiring readings from the Bible. Unshakeable Trust is a case for choosing to give everything to God. The good, the bad, and the ugly things we keep hidden from those around us. All can be given without worry.

Unshakeable Trust is Joyce Meyer’s calling to discover just what God has in store for you.

It’s a way to rely on God, and let Him take you to a completely new life.

The best possible life.

Joyce Meyer’s book offers you the path, but it take faith to step into Unshakeable Trust.